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About Us

Taste the Difference!

Don & Shauna Wells fell in love with the concept of tasting and pairing extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar before they ever bought the product. Where can you do such a thing? Right here at their gourmet store at the Shoppes at Bellgrade in Midlothian, VA.

“There is no substitute for individual experience”. Try as many Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, fused & infused flavors of extra virgin olive oils & aged balsamic vinegar as you can (we have 96+); they represent extraordinary examples of unique quality and value impossible to duplicate in traditional supermarket brands.

Our Story

Our ultra premium olive oils are single variety and purchased directly from the olive mill estates and their farmers. Our vendor is trying to keep these small mills sustainable because big brokers are putting some of them out of the work they have been doing for centuries.

The olives are harvested at their peak for providing the highest antioxidant level. They are not blends adulterated with lower quality oils or other additives.

We educate and share information about an extra virgin olive oil’s health benefits (they contain bio-phenols, which are antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic properties).

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In addition, Balsamic vinegar can control blood sugar and help reduce high blood pressure. Mostly, they help women and children absorb calcium, which is important as we grow and age. There are no added sugars or caramel coloring. They are all from Modena, Italy and #PGI protected.

Stop by to visit us, bring your friends, family, & co-workers, and have a day of fun tasting our 96+ flavors. We educate you about how a “true” extra virgin olive oil is supposed to smell and taste and how it should be bottled and labeled properly (e.g. List a date of crush-not just a use by date).

We have many oils from different countries (e.g. Spain, Italy, Chile, Australia, Greece, Peru, Portugal, Tunisia Africa & California) all set up by intensity. We start out mild to med. to med-robust to ROBUST!!! What makes an olive oil mild to robust? The freshness, the polyphenol and oleic acid level, the fruity or spiciness of the olive oil and the white pepper sensation you should get at at the back of your throat. (where your palate is located), which is indicative that the polyphenol is still present in the oil.

Our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils change by the seasonal crush two times per year, April and November. So, you will always get the freshest we can possibly provide.

Out of over more 1000 entries, many of our extra virgin olive oils have placed Gold, Silver, Bronze and/or Best of Class at the Olive Japan, Berlin, Zurich, Los Angeles and the New York International Olive Oil Competitions in May, 2013…..2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022  this is so AWESOME!!!!

At The Olive Oil Taproom you get ultra premium quality, top notch service and on top of all that, you will also get a warm smile and hug!!

We look forward to you visiting us!