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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thank you so much for the fast shipping. I love your vinegars and buy mine at the Short Pump store. I give them as gifts every Christmas to my adult family and friends here in Virginia but decided to send them to my long distance family members also this year.. I also love the pestos, fruit spreads and always purchase the Little Italy salt, love it. I plan on trying some of the other salts too. Thank you again for the excellent customer service."
Cynthia A.
"I just tried this for the first time today absolutely amazing and I didn’t even get to try everything…….the best olive oils and Balsamic Vinegars with so many different flavors to pick from. Will definitely visit here again soon.Thanks for bringing The Olive Oil Taproom to my attention so I could bring it to my wife’s. Time to eat!"
Kamina H.
"Incredible, Cody in the West End knows his stuff. Great Service and Quality. Please support our local business and Merry Christmas."
Glen H.
"So glad Jeff Katz referred me here, learned quite a bit at the store, tasted numerous oils and vinegars. 1st up for tonights appetizer is sweet potato soup with Garlic Infused Olive Oil. Next up Mango White Balsamic or should I use the Blackberry Ginger Balsamic. Hmmmm"
Mike S.
"Love love love your store. So nice to meet you earlier. And thank you for your donation to the virginia tennis association. Letter coming shortly."
Catherine D.
"Great check-in at Medifast Weight Control Center in Short Pump….down another almost 2 pounds…and that was coming off of vacation! Then dropped in to say hi to Cody at The Olive Oil Taproom. This is how I spent my morning. Tasting olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all over the world at The Olive Oil Taproom An absolutely incredible experience! You must get in and chat with my friend Shauna Wells and learn more. The Olive Oil Taproom has two locations – one in Short Pump and one in Midlothian. Check them out online at They will soon be joining The Jeff Katz Show on WRVA- 1140AM as advertisers 🙂"
Jeff K..
"I want to share a wonderful experience I had last night. My husband has been very sick and in the ICU all week. I saw your post about the Baked Avocado and after eating Zone bars all week, I decided I was going to make that for dinner. I ran to Kroger and was walking up right was she was turning out the light in the store. She was so kind to let me in and allow me to make my purchases. I was a total mess, and she kindly listened to my tale of woe while getting my olive oil and balsamic vinegar. She could have easily told me the store was closed and to come back later. She really made my day! Thank you so much!"
Beth F.
"Really enjoyed visiting your store earlier and meeting you guys. I can wait to use all of my yummy olive oils and balsamic vinegars that we purchased. We will definitely be back for future purchases."
Angela H.
"My brother and sister-in-law visited us this summer. We were looking for things to do and brought them to visit you. They weren’t quite sure what to expect. Turns out it was one of their favorite things we did! You all were so accommodating!"
Jennie B.
"Hey Jeff, Just missed you today at the Olive Oil Tap Room. Brought my wife for a first visit and you are correct. This place was awesome, and the owner knowledgeable about everything. We went to another similar store in the area, and was unimpressed. No knowledge or passion for the product. That delayed us trying the OOTR. My wife is a foodie and she was blown away by the flavors and quality. It has reignited her passion for cooking, and I will reap the rewards.I’m writing this to you because, until you go and take time to learn you just won’t “get it”. I don’t know if your listeners get what a great resource TOOTR is. I know we are excited and wish we went sooner. Happy wife, happy life. Thanks for bringing The Olive Oil Taproom to my attention so I could bring it to my wife’s. Time to eat!"'
Andy B.
"Went for my first visit and walked out with two bottles of balsamic vinegar and one infused oil. Oh and my daughter brought 3 bottles also. Simply delightful! Definitely will be going back for more."
Stacey Watson
"If you’re looking for a unique and fabulous gift for someone who loves to cook, or someone who just loves olive oil, this is the place. Just bought four gift bottles of amazingly cool olive oils for my dad for Christmas. One of them tastes like butter, and is a suitable substitute for butter. Shrimp scampi here we come. He’s gonna love them."
Lyssa A.
"We enjoyed our first tasting experience in the Bellgrade store today. Friendly service and excellent suggestions. I have no doubt we will be back!"
Dori O.
"Awesome experience! The owner was knowledgeable and nice. Free tastings of a wide assortment of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. My mom and I both bought the basil olive oil and peach balsamic vinegar. Amazing together or alone. Go there!!"
Angela Z.
"My wife, Tammy and I really enjoyed your store today. Thank you so much for your time."
Bob N.
"Wonderful staff. Really enjoyed the experience. So many wonderful flavored and aromas. This stuff is so good it is addictive!"
Amber G.
"Truly enjoyed the tasting experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and spent plenty of time educating us. Wonderful recipe ideas. My husband baked a cake today with Persian lime olive oil in the batter and coconut balsamic in the icing. Yummy!"
Louise H.
"We love The Olive Oil Taproom, AND you and the staff. You are the best! Such great customer service. So glad we stopped by that first time!"
Robin S.
"We ‘broke open’ our new shipment of Olive Oil Taproom Tuscan Herbs and brushed it onto the Ezekial bread before grilling. AMAZING!"
Irene B.