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Sweet Meyer Lemon


Made in Tunisia by crushing Meyer lemons with the olives. Meyer lemons are a cross between oranges and lemons that are sweeter and have less bite than regular lemons.

Suggested Uses:
Drizzle on fish filets before you bake or broil. Excellent on salads, in marinades, or on vegetables. Use this oil to elevate your lemon chicken dish to new heights.

Pairs With:
We call it “The Peachy Keen” when paired with Peach White Balsamic (great on mixed green salad). When paired with Tangerine Balsamic, it’s “The Sorrento”, and with Pomegranate, it’s “The Tagine” (great on spinach salad). Mix with Honey Ginger Balsamic for “The Soother”, a wonderful drizzle over roasted veggies. Amazing with our Blueberry Balsamic.