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Persian Lime


This delicious extra virgin olive oil is made by crushing fresh Persian limes along with the olives. The limes are less acidic than key limes and don’t have the bitterness that lends to the key lime’s unique flavor. Because of our Persian Lime’s wonderful flavor and versatility, this oil is one of our staff’s favorites!

Suggested Uses:
Savored in Island Cuisine. Drizzle over chicken, steak, salads, and summer vegetables, such as grilled corn or onions. Brush on kabobs. Splash on seafood, such as salmon, Ahi tuna, halibut, or shrimp. Adds zest to salsas and rice. Try on prosciuto and feta cheese with crusty bread for dipping. See also the following pairings.

Pairs With:
Honey Ginger White Balsamic to make “The Stir Fry” for your favorite, you guessed it, stir fry! When paired with Jalapeño White Balsamic, it’s delicious on coleslaw. We call it “The Strawberry Daiquiri” when paired with Strawberry Balsamic, “Raspberry Ramble” when paired with Raspberry Balsamic, and “The Bright Berry” when paired with Black Cherry Balsamic (all three great on spinach salad). For “The Thai Delight”, pair with Pineapple White Balsamic (try with fish or tofu). For “The Tropical Treat”, pair with Coconut Balsamic. And for “The Sprite”, pair with Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic (great with fish, chicken or shrimp).