O.K. well, now that pre-season FOOTBALL is up and running, we can all do really quick snicky snack type dinners.  Here is one of my favorites and I will post pics at the stages to make it simple:
Take 6-8 polish smoked or italian sausages…

Brown them on your grill outside or your George Foreman Grill in the house.  With all this rain, I chose the later.  Grill until toasted really well.

Place each on a tortilla wrap with drizzled Tuscan, Garlic or Butter Olive Oil on top of some parmesan regg. pesto (of course I used Kay’s again!!) or salsa.  Add some Fresh grated Aged Sharp Cheddar or blue of your choice, maybe a little spicy mustard.  Roll the wrap up, tucking in the sides as you go (about 2-3 times).

Place on grill with another drizzling of the olive oil of your choice.

20 MIN. VOILA!!!!!  done and very enjoyable.