Cut your pork loin into 1 inch sections and saute in an electric skillet with the Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or a Premium with a high polyphenol count such as Cerasuola or Koroneiki with herbs of your choice. I used Rosemary and Basil. Simmer on Med. High 4 min on each side. Reduce heat to low and let simmer while making your Hawaiian topping.

Hawaiian topping: 1 can of crushed pineapple drained or fresh pineapple (I prefer) blended up in a small chopper. Add in half of an onion, fresh cilantro and basil blended up. Then slowly add in our White balsamic pineapple & Tangerine & an olive oil of your choice ( I used the Persian lime)about a tablespoon of each. Transfer your topping or salsa to the skillet towards one side and let simmer until tender and it can absorb the pan drippings. Add In about a tablespoon of fresh capers.
Plate and layer your topping onto each cutlet. Serve with your favorite vegetable or creamed potatoes. I blend in our Vegan butter, pepper and smoky citrus sea salt to taste. ENJOY 40 MIN.