Easy hors d’oeuvre:  Cream Cheese Whipped with Harissa Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Chocolate Balsamic Wrapped in Bacon (You get it all!!!  Heat, Tart, Sweet and BACON!!) or you can use Turkey Bacon or prosciutto.
De-Crust a loaf of Fresh Sandwhich bread, spread the Cream Cheese Blend onto each slice, Roll, cut in half and then roll a slice of bacon around each securing with a tooth pick.  Place in oven on 375 for about 12-15 min or until slightly brown on Bacon and Crust.  Cream cheese keeps its consistency and never melts all over the place.  Great even when cool!!!

Cream Cheese blend:  soften in the microwave a block of low fat cream cheese ( I use Neufchâtel cheese.  It has less calories). Smooth in with a spoon two table spoons of Harissa EVOO and the same of our Chocolate Aged Balsamic. You can add in Chives, onion & garlic powder for more punch). For the vegetarian:  You can roll up cut asapragus, julienne carrots, spring onions, etc.. Enjoy!! 25 min.