Dice up three large skinless chicken breasts into 1 inch lenghs and 1/4 in. thicknesses (keep consistent) and set to the side for just a tad.

Cut up half of a sweet onion & 4 garlic cloves with basil & rosemary.  Saut’e in a skillet on Med/High with our Vegan butter EVOO and Wild Mushroom & Sage.  Once garlic and onions are carmalized, add in the chicken, place cover on on and let simmer for about 17 min.

Remove cover & chicken dices.  Add into the broth 1 cup of whole milk & a pint of Ricotta cheese and let melt and blend together.  Add in half a cup of each diced tomatoes, habenero peppers & mushrooms ( I used shitake).  Bring to a boil and reduce heat.

Place the chicken back into the creamy sauce, add in a bag of Tortellini shells (filled with 3 cheeses), sprinkle on some cracked pepper, and layer with parmesan reggiano.

Plate up and drizzle more of the Wild Mushroom & Sage extra virgin olive oil or white/black Truffle Oil.

Enjoy!!!!  40 min