Defrost 4 chicken breasts (but keep slightly frozen because it makes it easier to cut into small strips). Sauté strips of the chicken in either our Garlic or Tuscan Olive Oil with onions & peppers. Keep your broth & add in a cup chicken stock. Add in a little cracked pepper, basil, oregano and sea salt until done.

Boil your rice or couscous & set to the side while crisping up your bacon and two types of shredded cheese ( I use a strong cheddar and Asiago). Place half a cup of your pasta on a plate and layer with the chicken, cheddar and bacon.

Place in microwave for 35 sec. to melt the cheese or you can do an entire casserole in the oven. Bake for about 25 min. on 360.

While keeping dish warm, you can sauté your vegetables in our same oils, but keep them some what under cooked so they don’t get mushy.

ENJOY!!  40 MIN.