Marinade your ribeyes the night before with Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the NEW Serrano Honey Vinegar (has a little bite, but dissipates when grilled), add Hickory wood chips in foil on the grill after soaking in water for about 20 min.  Grill to your tenderness (I like mine MR).

Cut up small baby new potatoes with sweet potatoes.  Drizzle with Butter & Basil EVOO and place in oven/broiler for about 20 on low or until tender and a little crisp (I cheat and put mine in the microwave first for about the length of time of two Idaho potatoes would call for in your microwave).  After slightly toasted, drizzle maple balsamic over them and salt and pepper to taste (I also like cinnamon, but not everyone in our family does).  We have made it easy on you for our fresh Tuscan Flower Pot Bread.  Just mix ingrediants provided with milk and eggs and bake.  Hey, even mine didn’t come out like a rock.!!!!!!

Easy and gives a new swing on the normal mashed potatoes or baked potato.  35-40 min.  Enjoy!!