Cut up a full rack of ribs into 3rds., rinse, bathe with Tuscan or Garlic extra virgin olive oil and rub down both sides with our smoky citrus dry rub and then freeze.

When ready for one night of the week, place all three sections into a glass corningware dish, drizzle more olive oil and coat with our serrano chili pepper infused honey vinegar.

Seal up with aluminum foil tightly and place in oven on 275 for 3 hrs. on your timer.  let cool completely.  Grab your tongs and place on your gas/charcoal added grill just long enough to warm through and then baste with barbecue sauce of your choice.

We made our own with the Chocolate & Espresso Balsamic vinegar with red pepper flakes and honey.  Smooth all together until creamy and warm in microwave or on top of your stove.

Also tried the butternut squash: dice up into 1 inch squares,  toast in a skillet with our vegan butter olive oil with cracked black pepper and rosemary until tender.   I Added 1/2 cup of our Pumpkin Pie Spiced Balsamic Vinegar.  MMMMM Good!!!!