Marinade Tenderloins in Smokey Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Jalapeno Balsamic (in a gallon zip lock bag overnite).  Add Garlic olive oil to your skillet and simmer tenderloins for about 15 min.  While simmering:  Cut up fresh medallions of Squash, Zucchini, Sweet Peppers, Onions and a full clove of garlic.  Pepper to taste (mixed crushed peppercorns are full of flavor) (well, add sea salt if you need to!! smokey citrus, hickory or fleur de sel).

Increase your skillet heat to about 200-250 Degrees, place cover and cook for about another 15-20 min in order to crisp up both.  Flip once & reduce heat to warm for about 7 min.  Remove cover and splash a little Lemon, Tangerine, Espresso Balsamic for a little added sweetness (which ever balsamic suits your taste).  WOW!!  So tender and fresh tasting.  Vegetables are slightly tender, but still have a little crunch with substance.  Enjoy!!  37min. 🙂